“Coming here was a fresh start with a great vibe.”

Director, Renewals Specialist in the Demand Generation team, Veronica had spent 11 years in Telco and wanted to experience the IT industry in a role that offered visibility, international exposure and the chance to be involved in strategy.

Veronica was the 60th team member to join our office in Bucharest, but since then, it’s grown to over 600 people and her global career has evolved tenfold. “I’ve always been able to go beyond my job description. If I have a new idea, the response is always ‘let’s try it’. And I can show what I can do – a year after I joined, I won a Global Marketing Award for a personalized customer campaign I orchestrated.”

Starting as Senior Marketing Manager covering renewals and customer lifecycle campaigns, Veronica was keen to progress from the get go. She quickly got promoted to Global Senior Marketing Manager, before moving on to become Site Manager for the whole of the Global Marketing team in Bucharest – coaching, mentoring, managing and being there for her close-knit team. “A huge advantage was the fact I got promoted from the team. I used to share the same open space with them and struggled with the same issues. It was quite easy for me to understand their needs.

Now, she’s heading in a new direction once more, exploring a new role in Renewals – a natural transition considering her background. “On the Marketing side, I was the one who used to orchestrate the renewals campaigns for almost four years. I will use those skills as well as the customer-facing part, which I missed on the Marketing side.”

It’s clear to see Veronica’s drive and passion. It’s this attitude that makes her a great manager, one that people really look up to. And, it’s these qualities that she looks for in others too: “whenever I’m recruiting a new person, I’m looking for this sparkle in their eyes. I’m looking for strong people”.

Coming here was a fresh start with a great vibe and the atmosphere made it feel I was in high school again! There’s pressure with targets and so on. But no-one complains. It’s all about how we can solve things together, grow business and move on.
It’s no wonder that Veronica is now looking into how to move into a director-level role. #That’sVeeamazing!