“We are blessed to be a blessing to others.”

As Regional Marketing Manager in Asia Pacific & Japan, Vicky was nominated to be the regional representative for Veeam Cares, our social responsibility program.

She had no hesitation in accepting the job. “Veeam Cares is our way of giving back to society, thinking of others who are less fortunate. There are many ways to be involved to show we care.”

Vicky’s based in Malaysia where everyone can receive a decent education, but this is not the case for all refugees. “We decided to support an educational program for refugees in the country and pretty much our whole office got involved in a fundraiser, washing cars or even toilets! We used the money raised to buy painting materials and spent a weekend painting a classroom. That really brought it home to me that Veeam is about more than business and you see a different side to people who you’ve just regarded as colleagues.”

The focus hasn’t solely been in helping people in their home country. Vicky and her team have also been building bikes for children living in remote areas lacking public transport so they can attend school in Chiang Mai. They also supported a social and entrepreneurial piglet program in Cambodia which involved donating two piglets which two families with limited means could breed and sell in the local market as the first steps towards a sustainable future – Veeamers also provided clothes to help the families.

“We’ve also worked with the Cambodia Community Dream Organization, funding materials and a teacher’s salary so that children could improve their English and learn about technology.

There’s more to come too, as we see more Veeamers initiate and participate in Veeam Cares. “I’m sure Veeam leaders will support us with that as they’ve supported us in the past. When it comes to helping others, they really walk the talk.”

“Once you start, you will never stop. You get such a sense of belonging to the community and a feeling of fulfillment with such a range of emotions. You’ll never want to stop because it’s a lifetime journey.”
Olga’s journey in the community is far from finished, and the opportunity for others to join only gets bigger and bigger. #That’sVeeamazing!