Technical Documentation Department creates and maintains technical documentation for products developed by Veeam Software. All technical documents are written in English. The Technical Documentation Department works closely with the Development, QA and Support Departments.


A technical writer usually acts as an interpreter between a software product and users. Developers not always can explain in a simple language how the product works—it is obvious for them. Technical writers are somewhere between the developers and the users as they communicate complicated things in a simple way.

The style of technical writing differs from other writing styles—it is focused, neutral, logically arranged and reveals all necessary information on the described object. The texts might be about things that are difficult to understand. We try to explain these things in a simple language as we believe that the reader must not search for information in large and complicated texts.


You can say that the technical writer hunts for information. There are several sources from which the technical writer can get information:

  • Specifications: they describe the main software features and ways they should work. Information in specifications is usually not systematic, and this is the main drawback of this source.
  • Earlier versions and prototypes of the software.
  • Developers: they are the main source of information for technical writers. They create the product, so they know in details how it works today and what changes are planned in future.

The technical writer must know how to build friendly relationships with all team members, be diplomatic and able to find compromises when solving work tasks.

Technical Documentation Department is also engaged in localization of materials written by colleagues from foreign offices. These are usually the marketing materials for promoting Veeam products in Russia.


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