Veeam is growing rapidly. Our existing products are actively developed, and new projects are started. Development and QA teams are growing permanently. Veeam provides a perfect chance for young and talented people to implement their professional and career plans, since we periodically open new job positions.

The career path for a QA engineer at Veeam looks as follows:


Starting as a Junior QA Engineer, you will begin with testing small project parts, study QA methods and principles, acquire necessary technical skills and become an IT professional. You will get the “field” knowledge and experience with Windows and Linux OS, Microsoft server products (SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and others) and many more. Challenging tasks and informal working environment in our QA teams provide for rapid professional growth.


Going on working at QA, you will learn how to manage more complicated and important areas, progressing to QA Engineer and Experienced QA Engineer positions. You will study the quality software development and release process, understand interactions between its participants


Having worked for several years and acquired solid experience with QA, you will have to decide on your career development path. Software QA, like many other areas, offers two main development paths: technical and administrative.

Professionals who wish to develop technical skills will focus on large-scale technical tasks, complicated experiments including performance testing, stress testing and load testing. They can lead a small group of testers to solve complicated tasks, mentor new team members, provide consultancy to their co-workers, and so on.

Professionals who decide to follow the administrative path will focus mainly on team leadership or department management, including control, planning and assessment tasks for the team or department.

Software testing and Quality Assurance provide for all-round development of an IT professional, allowing for intensive communication between all software development process participants and improvement of technical, social and management skills. An IT Pro can make a choice from a wide variety of options.
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