Product management is an organizational unit that integrates the marketing, development, and sales functions. Since one cannot overestimate the role of the product when assessing customer satisfaction and company’s success, product management is very important when it comes to promoting innovations and creating the high use-value to the audience.

The main goals of our department are:

  • Analysis of the market and competitive environment;
  • Development of programs and events aimed at product promotion;
  • Protection of intellectual property.


Our team members require product management skills, including: creating presentations, competitive analysis, user interface description and so on. They should also have an understanding of business fundamentals, be able to create development strategy, realize how the profit is gained, understand pricing and promotion.

Our work scope can be divided into three parts: monitoring markets and customers, product marketing and sales support.

It is our department’s employees who can and must understand how customers’ requirements change and how to comply with them.


Our department is a perfect place for an expert with technical knowledge and good English. Here you will learn how we create a unique software product on the cutting edge of the technology, gaining leadership on the market. You will work in a fast growing company well-known all over the world. You will be able to exchange opinion with IT communities and professionals who use Veeam Software solutions around the globe. That is why we so strongly require the great command of the English language.

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Software Analyst / Product Management

Product Management 


  • Knowledge management: collecting and managing expert-level knowledge around company’s products and solutions.

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