Whether you’re just starting your career path or you’re an experienced marketing professional, Regional marketing is a great place to work! This department is full of opportunities and challenges that give you tremendous experience and help you evolve as a team player and an expert in your field. Regional Marketing department looks for energetic and positive people that can think outside the box, handle multiple projects at the same time and possess a true passion for marketing. Here’s a brief look at some of the areas this department covers:

Regional Marketing FAQ

  1. Can I work in the marketing department of Veeam Software without experience in the IT sphere?

    Yes! Some marketing positions do not require experience in the IT industry. We look for candidates with a degree in marketing or economics, and relevant experience, regardless of the sector you previously worked in.

  2. Will I be able to start a career in the Veeam marketing department if I do not have marketing experience?

    Yes! For some vacancies, we do consider candidates who do not have significant marketing experience. In these cases, we pay great attention to the presence of a marketing or economics degree, the foreign language proficiency required, a genuine desire to learn and develop marketing skills and the willingness to work hard to achieve our goals.

  3. To work at Veeam, do I have to be fluent in a foreign language?

    Everyone who works in the marketing department must be fluent in English. Knowledge of other European languages depends on the specific role in which you are interested. For example, to operate successfully in the Southern Europe region, it is useful to have knowledge of French, Spanish or Italian.

  4. I just completed my degree. Are there opportunities available to recent graduates in the marketing department?

    Yes. We offer a variety of professional opportunities for new graduates. We look for those who have an interest in marketing, a knowledge of foreign languages and a desire to grow professionally.

  5. Will I have the opportunity to learn and develop in the Veeam marketing department?

    Of course! We have a number of training courses designed to get new hires up to speed quickly. We also pay great attention to the professional development of our employees; we train them vocationally, ensuring everyone is up to date with modern marketing trends.

  6. How do you assess candidates for marketing positions?

    We carefully review responses to vacancies, CVs and work experience. If candidates meet the requirements for the vacancies they apply to, we invite them to interview with us. If a candidate is not suitable for a position, we may be able to offer alternative open positions in the marketing department, depending on the candidate’s qualifications and the availability of the positions.

  7. Is it possible to travel and participate in foreign exhibitions and conferences?

    The marketing department has a number of positions that allow for international travel. Veeam implements most of its software in overseas markets, and the marketing department is a critical to representing the company at numerous events.

  8. Why does Veeam continuously have vacancies? Is there an issue with staff turnover?

    We have a number of vacancies because of company growth. Most vacancies are new positions created in response to the expansion of the marketing department. Staff turnover in the marketing department is small, and we are committed to monitoring the development of all employees and helping them grow within our structure.

  9. There are so many marketing specialists and managers in different countries. How all these people are organized? What is the structure of Veeam marketing?

    Veeam marketing has a matrix structure when all people are divided based on 2 criteria: marketing direction and territory. We have a dedicated team per each marketing direction like Channel, Events, Communications, Internet, etc. managed by the Expert Team Lead. On regional level we have Field Marketing Managers who are responsible for the particular regions and have various directions’ marketing specialists in their teams.

  10. As team members are often located in different countries, how do they communicate, share & track the results and set up marketing plans?

    In Veeam we have a number of shared data spaces, widely use CRM, BI and project management systems that could be accessed by all team members. For regular remote corporate communications we use Skype calls and various webinars planforms.

  11. How are new members of the team trained?

    Onboarding for new team members includes online and onsite trainings from Veeam marketing experts, Managers, HR team on internal processes, key tools and KPIs tracked and Veeam product and solutions.

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Social Media Marketing Manager


  • Lead and implement the most efficient strategy for the Veeam global social media accounts.
  • Collaborate with key content providers across...

United StatesGeorgiaAlpharetta


Social Media Marketing Manager


  • Lead and implement the most efficient strategy for the Veeam global social media accounts.
  • Collaborate with key content providers across...

United StatesGeorgiaAlpharetta


Account Based Marketing (ABM) Campaign Manager


This position can be done remotely from anywhere within the U.S.A.

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