Veeam’s Global Human Resources (HR) team is truly international. We have more than 80+ HR representatives with a presence in 10+ regions around the world, including North America (Columbus, Atlanta and Phoenix), Europe (Bucharest, London, Munich, Paris, Prague), Russia (Saint-Petersburg), China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia (Sydney).


  1. Can you describe the culture/office environment?

    The culture is fun, positive, and lively. We celebrate our successes and are just as encouraging and forward moving during our shortcomings.

  2. What has kept you with the company?

    The people. I work with and for a great group of people.

  3. What is one of the challenges you face working in HR?

    Being able to keep up with the Veeam speed. We are a rapid moving company with a lot of moving parts that make up our global success. Having a solid understanding of not only your role but also the business is key.

  4. Beyond numbers how is success measured?

    Being a team player and understanding the business. Being both a teacher and teachable.


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3 reasons to work at Veeam

1 Progressive approach to work
2 Supporting all of our employees in the region
3 We feeling our significance


Progressive approach to work

We support explosive company growth in our regions. We always advance with the times and use modern HR tools to be more effective — every day!


Supporting all of our employees in the region

We never forget about our regional employees and we’re always ready to help them.


We feeling our significance

We understand how important the roles of our employees are. All our work is aimed at maintaining and helping our colleagues to be prosperous.