Our core values reflect the personality of Veeam: our business approach and corporate team spirit.

If you like our core values, if they coincide with your personal goals and way of life, you will succeed in Veeam Software.

Veeam Speed

Veeam Speed

  • We move fast and we work hard
  • We’re energetic self-starters and we take the initiative
  • We give that final push to see projects through to completion
Compete to Win

Compete to Win

  • We have a strong, competitive drive and we don’t give up
  • We have an intrinsic need to achieve
  • We are optimists and we believe in ourselves
Veeam Team

Veeam Team

  • We are passionate and enthusiastic
  • We help the team succeed
  • We’re smart, but we know how to listen
  • Lack of experience is not a problem
Conversations from the heart

Conversations from the Heart

  • We’re genuine and real
  • We don’t need to exaggerate — our products and our people are really that good
  • We are inclusive and welcoming
Innovate and Iterate

Innovate & Iterate

  • We produce quickly and perfect through iteration
  • We don’t suffer from “analysis paralysis,” but have a bias toward action
  • We trust our common sense and follow our best judgment
Everyone Sells

Everyone Sells

  • We do everything possible to help win a deal, no matter what our role
  • We make it our business to know what’s important to our customers
  • We know our value and what sets us apart from the competition
Keep it simple

Keep it simple

  • Complex is easy
  • Simple is difficult
  • Keep it simple